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Is SSE still going on in California?

Yes.  As of January 1st, 2015 the California law still has a single shot exemption. In accordance with California Penal Code 32100(b) all single shot pistols must be originally manufactured as such, and not be converted from semi-automatic. They must also be of a breaktop or bolt action configuration, possess a barrel of no less than 6-inches, and an overall length of no less than 10 1/2 inches. Our kits have 8 1/2 inch barrels and an overall length of 11 1/2 inches, which will meet California requirements.

Do you have regular business hours?

No, we are by appointment only.  Email to schedule an appointment.

 What parts do I need to build a complete gun?

 The following is a list of parts necessary to complete a 2011 style build.

Top End

Bottom End

Slide**** – Cut for your desired sights in mind, and any cocking serrations you would like.


Series 70 Spring Steel Extractor

Offered only by STI/SVI***

Firing Pin****

   Polymer Grip*****

Series 70 Firing Pin Stop

   STI 2011 Trigger*****


   STI Grip Screws*****

RAMPED Barrel**/****

   STI 2011 Mag Catch*****

Barrel Bushing (If using a standard barrel)

   STI Magazine*****

Guide Rod


Guide Rod Plug

Slide Stop

Assortment of barrel links

Grip Safety

Barrel Link Pin*

Thumb Safety




Fire Control Group

Sear Spring


Recoil Spring



   Hammer Strut

Slide Stop Plunger tube spring*

   Hammer Strut Pin*

Mag Catch Spring*


Firing Pin Spring*

   Sear Pin


   Hammer Pin



Ejector Pin*****



*Included in the Ed Brown 1911 Rebuild Kit.

**A ramped barrel configuration must be used in an aluminum framed 1911 or variant. This prevents any hollow point ammunition from permanently gouging or ruining an aluminum feed ramp. When this happens a ramped barrel is usually installed or a steel ramp is inserted.  The aluminum 80% uses a Para/Clark ramped barrel.  To assist with completing your gun, a ramped barrel is also required for steel.

***SVI Steel grips require copious amounts of fitting.

****Caliber Specific

*****This item is not 1911 compatible.

Are there any parts you recommend using? 

Most parts offered by Wilson Combat, Ed Brown, Caspian, Les Baer, EGW, and STI/SVI can be used.

Caspian Slide

STI Slide

Caspian Extractor

Forged Slide Stop

Cylinder & Slide Trigger Pull Kits

EGW Fire Control Parts

Ed Brown 1911 Rebuild  Kit

STI Sear

Ed Brown Memory Groove Grip Safety

Chip McCormick Custom Grip Safety

Wilson Hi-ride Ambi Thumb Safety

EGW Single/Ambi Thumb Safety

Kart P/C Ramped EZ/XACT Fit Barrel

STI 2011 Ejector Pin

 Where can I get these parts?


Shooters Connection